DJI Phantom 4 Drone Camera Review| Expert Advice
dji phantom drone camera

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Camera Review| Expert Advice

DJI is known for its quality of product and camera features of drones. Dji is a known brand in camera drones. Today We are discussing the Dji Phantom 4 drone camera. Phantom 4 is the very best drone camera for wedding and travelling blog and others activity.

Phantom 4 Camera features and Capability

phantom 4 drone camera| dji phantom 4
  • 1380g Weight
  • Controller Yes
  • 12.4MP Camera Resolution
  • 5350mAH Battery Size
  • 3.1 miles KM Range
  • 4k ultra HD Video At 30 fps camera 

Specific Feature of Dji phantom 4

  •  Nice and stable 4k footage
  • Fisheye lens
  • Excellent smartphone app
  • Its comes with gps technology

The drone camera comes with the great camera features. It comes with 5- Direction obstacle avoidance,Excellent camera features, you can shoot video at 4k ultra HD video at 30 fps resolution and shoot video at stable and 360 Degree. We have tested this product in our expert and we find the best result as compared to others. Phantom 4 stands to our standard guidelines and we see its great camera features and we are very satisfied with this drone camera features.

Phantom 4 Battery life and Its range-

Phantom 4 comes with great battery life and it comes with a large battery backup 5350mAH. You can shoot video for a long time. Its Dorne range comes with the 3.1 miles KM range. Phantom 4 comes with GPS Technology. It is auto takeoff and return home with GPS technology, makes controlling easy to use.

You can extend this drone camera speed up to 45mph(72kph) using the phantom 4 sport mode. Really this drone has great speed and overall this product.

This drone camera comes with great design features and you can Carry anywhere easily.

What you can get in buy box with dji phantom 4 –

  • The Quadcopter
  • Remote Controller
  • Quick Release Propellers
  • Flight Battery
  • Flight Battery Charger
  • AC Cable For Charger
  • Clamp For Gimbal
  • USB OTG Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Brush Blower

This is Complete kit that provides you with everything that you could require for assembling and flying your Drone.

Value For Money and Guarantee-

The phantom 4 is the amalgamation of the best features contained by previous models in the same series, except it is really better.This Comes packed with high-quality controls and functions that are difficult to get in others drone. For a  photography enthusiast who wants to fly and get some aerial footage, this device is an ideal one.

Dji The largest producer of commercial drones, is known to have a very effective after sales service one of the reasons why users come back to this brand. First of all, if you have received a defective product or one of them manufacturing defects, from the company or its authorized dealers, you have a chance to request a refund within 7 days. There are also policies for replacing defective products if need be. 

Dji gives you warranty of this product

Here is a list of parts of the device that the warranty service covers:-

  • MC 12 Months
  • Camera Gimbal: 6 months 
  • Vision Positioning system: 6 months
  • Propulsion system: 6 months
  • Remote Control: 12 months
  • Battery: 6 months
  • Charger : 6 Months

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